Choosing Interior Paint Colors

choosing interior paint colors

The Above Picture Is From The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Tool.

Choosing interior paint colors can sometimes be a frustrating task. There are so many different paint companies and paint color choices. How will you ever settle on the right paint color.  If you ever have any questions about your painting project don`t hesitate to call Greenville Pro Painters for us to answer any questions you may have.  We have listed 5 different websites below that can help you in your journey of picking the right paint color for your project. You can upload your own images, pick from pre selected color combinations, expert picks, inspirational picks, and even build color combinations around an uploaded photo. Take a look at these tools below and follow the links to their websites. Hope this helps in picking the right paint color for you.

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    1. Choosing Interior Paint Colors With Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams has a nice set of tools that are part of what they call the ColorSnap Visualizer. Once on the Sherwin Williams website using their ColorSnap tools, you will be able to test different colors in different rooms of the house. One really nice feature of this tool is if you pick a color it will pick a color theme with complementary colors.  You can explore their colors and they even have a section called get inspired.

    Another nice feature of the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer is there is a choice to view their expert color pick themes when choosing interior paint colors.  The picture below shows examples of the Sherwin-Williams Expert Color Picks.

    choosing interior paint colors

    The Above Picture Is From The Expert Color Picks From The Sherwin-Williams website

    2. Choosing Interior Paint Colors With Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore has a tool called Personal Color Viewer that will let you upload your own photos to their website. You can then choose up to 5 surfaces on your photo that you would like to try different colors on. If you don`t have one of your own photos you can use theirs. They have photos for several different rooms in the house.

    choosing interior paint colors1

    Picture From Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

    3. Choosing Interior Paint Colors With Behr Color Viewer

    When using the Behr Color Discovery tool for picking interior paint colors, you first pick your room from a list of rooms. Next, you indicate what type of feel you want the room to have such as warm & friendly, relaxed & calming, trendy & stylish, bold & dramatic, or versatile. In the below picture I picked the living room with relaxed and calming colors. You then get the choices as seen below to pick up to three of the listed colors.

    choosing interior paint colors3

    Picture Is From Behr Color Discovery Tool

    I choose the Oregano Spice color choice. After picking your color the color tool then gives you the option to upload a picture from your own home to see how that color would look.

    interior painting ideas

    Picture Is From The Behr Color Discovery Tool

    4. Painting Ideas Using Lowe`s Paint Visualizer

    When using the paint visualizer you can pick from one of their scenes or you can upload one of your own pictures. Once you find a color you like you can buy a sample right from the color tool. From the paint visualizer, you can also choose inspire where the site will let you look through color collections, expert color picks, and inspirational photos.

    interior paint ideas

    Picture Above Is From Lowe`s Paint Visualizer Tool

    picking interior paint colors

    Picture Above Is From Lowe`s Paint Visualizer Tool

    After selecting a paint color and looking at what it looks like in the selected room you have the choice to buy a sample right from that screen.

    choosing interior paint colors 4

    Picture Above Is From Lowe`s Paint Visualizer Tool

    Another really nice feature from the paint visualizer is the paint an image choice. Once you click on this link you have the opportunity to upload your own photo and the tool will create a color collection from your photo.

    5. Glidden Room Visualizer

    As soon as you open the Glidden Room Visualizer you have a choice to upload your own photo, or to use one of their selections. If you choose one of their rooms you will then be presented several choices of views for the room that you choose to try out different paint colors. In the picture below I choose the kitchen from their choices of rooms. You can see you are then presented with several different views of the kitchen to select.

    choosing paint colors

    Picture From The Glidden Room Visualizer Tool

    After choosing your view of the room you will be offered three choices. You can browse their colors, match colors form a photo, or search colors by name.

    choosing interior paint colors

    Picture From The Glidden Room Visualizer Tool

    Greenville Pro Painters

    Once you have figured out what colors you want to use for your interior painting project, give Greenville Pro Painters a call for a free quote.  We also love to answer any questions you may have about your painting project and to tell you about our interior painting service.

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