Paint Color Ideas

Paint Color Ideas

Picking paint colors to use when performing any type of interior painting or exterior painting project can be exciting.  However, picking one or two paint colors to settle on can sometimes feel overwhelming and frustrating.  There are so many color choices to choose from that this task can be difficult at times.  Luckily today there are many websites that have tools that you can use to help in making your final decision.  These tools give you suggestions and you can see what these colors look like in different rooms using their online tools.  Below are links to a few websites that have online tools to help you with your paint color ideas.  We also have an article on choosing interior paint colors that may help.

Paint Color Ideas Using Color Wheels

One quick easy way to get paint color ideas you may like is to use a color palette generator wheel online.  These easy to use tools will quickly allow you to move around on the color wheel to find a color you like.  The nice thing about the wheel is that once you find a primary color you really like it will show you complementary colors to your main color.  You can also change the selection to show you shades of the primary color or analogous colors.  Give the color wheel tool a try when looking for paint color ideas.

Picking Paint Colors Based On Your Personality

Our personalities play a role in deciding which colors we like.  Our past personal experiences can also play a role in determining what colors we like or don`t like.  Here is a link to a fun paint color game that will help you see which colors you are drawn to when you are looking for paint color ideas.

Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

The paint colors you choose have an impact on your overall mood.  This is something else you will want to keep in mind when looking for paint color ideas.  We have an article that describes how paint colors affect your mood which might help you in making your final paint color selection.

Are You Ready To Get Started With Your Painting Project Today?

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