Find Out How These 9 Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

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    Choosing a paint color to paint the interior of your house can be challenging.  There are so many paint colors to choose from.  Some people like to stick with a traditional color palette.  Others like to go for what the trendy colors are at the time.  

    One aspect of choosing a paint color that is overlooked is how paint colors affect your mood. You will want to be sure you pick a paint color for a room based on what mood and feelings that color conveys.  Below is a list of 9 paint colors and how they affect your mood.

    1. Red Paint

    Red is often associated with excitement and energy.  Red is a great color if you want to liven up the room with great conversation.  Red is intense and has been known to increase adrenaline and heart rate.  Because of these affects of red on your mood it is recommended for rooms that are meant to be rooms used for socializing and not rooms for relaxation.

    paint colors affect your mood

    2. Blue Paint

    Blue gives you a comfortable and peaceful feeling, giving you a calming feeling. Due to the calming nature of blue colors this is a great color choice to use in bedrooms.  The color blue is known to clear your mind and can also lower your blood pressure.  

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    3. White Paint

    White is a difficult choice because it is easy to see stains or dirt. However, it gives off a feeling of cleanliness.  White is helpful in making your home feel more open and larger than the actually is.  Whites can be used anywhere to bring a refreshing clean feeling to the room.

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    4. Green Paint

    Green is a great color to reduce anxiety and bring a feeling of restoration to you.  Green is associated with nature and can bring you a sense of harmony and balance.  

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    5. Brown Paint

    Brown is a rich earthy color that brings a feeling of comfort.  Brown can also bring you a sense of security. Brown is a warm comforting color that is very common in homes.

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    6. Yellow Paint

    Yellow is a great color to brighten up a room and bring a feeling of increased energy.  Yellow tends to bring a feeling of inspiration and optimism.  

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    7. Black Paint

    Black absorbs light and gives a feeling of secrecy and mystery.  Black is used to creating an elegant dramatic effect.  Black paint is best used in small doses since too much black can make you feel depressed.  Some feel it gives a feel of sophistication to your room.

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    8. Purple Paint

    Purple colors have historically been seen associated with luxury and royalty.  To give your room a mysterious or romantic feeling go for deep shades of purple.  If you are going for a more relaxing feeling then use lighter shades of purple such as lilac.

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    9. Pink Paint

    Unlike pink`s primary color red, pink has a calming effect.  Pink colors give a feeling of innocence and love.  Pink colors are oftentimes used in the bedroom for children to bring calmness, playfulness, and love.

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    Color Visualizer

    If you need help trying to settle on a paint color there are some online tools that can help.  Sherwin Williams has a great online tool called ColorSnap Visualizer.  This is a great tool where you can choose different colors and the tool will show how that color will look in the room.  We also have another article that lists more online color tools that can help when choosing interior paint colors.

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